AACBT Masterclass: Emerging Psychological Treatments for Psychosis

Dr Ryan Balzan

South Australia 28 November 2016

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AACBT Masterclass: The Complexities of Youth. Research and Clinical Advances in Working with Self Harming Teens

Dr Penelope Haskin, Ivan Salmin, Dr Barry Jones

Western Australia 15 October 2016

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AACBT Pub Discussion: Patterns in Kids Peer Relationships: Implications for Intervention with Anxious Children

Dr Heidi Gazelle

Victoria 25 May 2016

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AACBT Pub Discussion: Working with Dissociation

Dr Catherine Hynes

Queensland 30 May 2016

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AACBT Seminar: CBT for Psychosis: Same Same But Different!

Dr Yael Perry

New South Wales 9 November 2016

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AACBT Seminar: Managing the Unique Challenges of Perinatal Depression

Dr Vered Gordon

New South Wales 8 August 2016

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AACBT Workshop: Adapting CBT for Problem Gambling

Dr Kirsten Vale

South Australia 5 August 2016

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AACBT Workshop: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

Dr Junwen Chen

South Australia 15 July 2016

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AACBT Workshop: Insomnia in Adults: What Psychologists Need to Know

Dr Melissa Ree

Western Australia 12 August 2016

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